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A smart community for book lovers

Booklovers suggests a custom tailored reading plan for you, introduces you to people of like interest locally and worldwide, lets you earn money reviewing and discussing books and helps you publish your own ebook.

What exactly is BookLovers?

First things first.

At the heart of BookLovers is a very simple thought experiment: Why not connect authors and readers directly? Let the work of an author be judged by his and her peers, who earn money for high quality reviews that will convince others to read a book by the same author.

Make it easy, based on such crowd-sourced information, to suggest perfectly tailored reading plans to avid readers.
And let them meet, on their journey through intriguing new books, the people and friends who live in their neighborhood and around the world and share similar interests.

Finally, provide a fun and relaxing method of simulating the best part of visiting a physical bookstore: a virtual shelf browsing experience that is fun and entertaining.

At Booklovers we believe it is time to look past the publisher- & large retailer middlemen and re-connect what always belonged together: the author, the book and the community of readers it was written for in the first place. Welcome to a new way of reading with friends.

Booklovers suggests the perfect next read

Give it a try! What book did you really enjoy reading most recently?

...or find an item similar to one of the following:

"No two persons ever read the same book."

(Edmund Wilson)

Share your thoughts, earn royalties!

Whether you discuss, review or vote on posts, Booklovers' reddit-style community platform insures high quality content and shares ad and ebook proceeds with its readers. Welcome to earning royalties for life!


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Easy as pie..

Enough of facebook! This webapp is a lot of fun and simple. Once you enter a title you like all you have to do is swipe left or right depending on whether you’d like what you see. Easy to connect to (new) friends and talk about things that matter.

Miami, FL


I always had a hard time finding book recommendations that fit my bill. But BookTinder.com is really a not bad at all. It makes it super easy for me to find what I did not even know I was looking for.

Robert K
New York City

I like it

This is a good website. Easy to use. Sometimes I get too many books that I want to read, but I like the site. But what I really love is the reading plan. It shows up right in my inbox and reminds me of the cool books that I want to tackle over the weekend.

Sacramento, CA


BookTinder is where I find the latest detective story. I go to my most recently read books, click the magic 'match' button and immediately see new books that match my interest. Sweet!

London, UK


My curiosity and appetite for new information are fueled by BookTinder. The concept of reader-author interaction and profit sharing is truly revolutionary. Guess where you can purchase my next ebook...

Austin, TX

Lists, Lists, Books!

I was one of the first among my book loving friends in the city to join Booktinder. It's a great way to meet new people and meet at a cafe and strike a smart conversation about their last read. It's a great filter!


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